Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Traveling and,, You. :)

Gara-gara baca twit seorang penulis tentang definisi traveling menurut dia, selama dua hari (26 & 27 Desember 2011) aku jadi doyan ngetwitt quote-quote traveling menurut saya sendiri. Ceritanya nih seorang traveler yang selalu mengingat seseorang yang istimewa buat dia selama dia bepergian. Cieeee.... Well, i wrote in English but please pardon my fail grammar in some sentences.. ^^

someday, somewhere, I'll travel with someone i love. its a wish that would come true. :)

to travel is to take my body anywhere yet to take you nowhere but my mind.

how come in every traveling I've made i found you suits in every spots, though in every lil stuff i remind you.

to travel is getting off with the routine days but still keep connected with you in every single chances.

to travel is to get freezes in a winter-strange-country but then feeling warm just by your smile in my mind.

you are the only reason i'd travel more: not to keep you away but to keep you real in my mind,reason to misses you.

some travel just to see the world,some other to make a reflection,find the meaning of their life.

traveling can make me get to know with many people from any culture.But still,you're the one that i could easily remind me of.. a home.

to travel is to count every footstep in a strange land,as much as i could remember our first met til the day you smiling me. :)

to travel is to breath the different air everyday,meanwhile still could feel the air that we shared when laughing together. :)

to travel is to fall in love with new land,with the people inside,but not the person.coz i had you already. :)

traveling is also the art of packing the sufficient things and effort to put you in between.

to travel is to hug you from country to country,city to city. :)

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  1. kalo pengertian traveling itu sendiri apa ??